Subject: Re: IDE and IDE ATAPI compibilite
To: Antonio Martos <>
From: Jake Hamby <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/07/1995 14:09:06
On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, Antonio Martos wrote:

> > I'm not a NetBSD/Amiga expert (in fact, I haven't even installed it yet 
> > since I'm getting a 68030 board in a few days to upgrade my 68000! :-) 
> May I ask you about a few questions?
> Do you have NetBSD installed on a A1200?
> I need to know about compatibility with Blitzzard II SCSI controler.
> Is it supported? Will it be soon?
> And, You know about any Ethernet card for A1200 compatible qith NetBSD?
> Many thanks.

Sorry, I have not installed NetBSD/Amiga yet.  I only have an A500, and 
I'm waiting to receive a 68030 card that I'm buying from a guy who 
recently bought an A1200.  When I get the '030 then I plan to install 
Shapeshifter, NetBSD, and maybe Linux.  Right now I have experience with 
NetBSD/Sparc, as well as FreeBSD and Linux on the PC, so I have general 
experience, but not with the specific hardware you mention.  Sorry :-(

I suspect that there won't be any Ethernet card for the A1200 due to the 
fact that it has no Zorro II slots.  Really, that is one of the biggest 
problems with the A1200 (and A500 and A600 and A1000) there is no obvious 
way to add things like Ethernet cards, and it is much more complicated to 
design a product like a SCSI controller or CPU accelerator when it has to 
plug directly into the CPU socket or into a small expansion slot...