Subject: Re: difficulty booting to install on amiga 3000
To: amiga <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/07/1995 13:31:10
Rob Leland <>

> When you setup your harddrive under Amiga OS for UNIX
> What file types did you give your root sould be 0x4....

if by "file types" is meant INSTALL's "dostypes" is meant
hdtoolbox's "Identifier" field, i've set them to
	 root: 0x4e425207
	 swap: 0x4e425301
	  usr: 0x4e425507
	local: 0x4e425507

> Under 1.0 I believe it spelled out BSDA, BSDB etc...

uh, "BSDA" for what, Partition Device Name?  i called
them bsd-local, bsd-usr, bsd-swap, and bsd-root.

> Use whatever the INSTALL directions tell you.

it didn't mention any BSDA, BSDB...

> When I was talking about symlinks I was referring to NetBSD symlinks.

oh heavens, i'm a long way from trying to run it from a netbsd partition :)

BTW: the problem is probably something to do with my Quantum;
i discovered this morning i could boot if i disconnected it.
so i guess now i have to find the FAQ...

while we're on about partitions - is there any particular physical
order recommended?  i've got root, swap, usr, and local in that order
from the high cylinders downward.  is that good?  maybe swap between
usr and local?  i mean, now's the time for me to change it...
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