Subject: difficulty booting to install on amiga 3000
To: amiga , netbsd <netbsd@NetBSD.ORG>
From: <>
List: amiga
Date: 11/06/1995 14:57:59
hello!  i'm having trouble getting NetBSD 1.0 to boot on an
amiga 3000 in order to do an install.

it hangs in the midst of scanning my hardware, apparently
on the SCSI system.  it says
	ahsc0 on mainbus0
	scsibus1 on ahsc0
the hard disk light makes a few very quick flashes for a
couple of seconds, then stays on.  nothing more happens
for at least five minutes, when i've given up and rebooted.

it happens with both  load -b netbsd  from my regular amigados
prompt, and with the boot disk from regensburg.

it's dealer-built (C= had folded), with 2 MB chip, 4 MB fast
(trying to get more), a quantum lightning 730S.  since it's
not a factory machine, i wonder if maybe i don't have the
usual SCSI hardware...

any ideas?
Hume Smith  Chester  Nova Scotia  902 275 3266

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