Subject: Re: SBIC (a3000, gvpscsi, 2091)
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <is@Beverly.Rhein.DE>
List: amiga
Date: 11/02/1995 08:58:30
Peter Seebach ( wrote:
: Amazing! With sbic_inhibit_sync 1, the system hangs on boot and won't
: come up past the "ahsc0" announcement.  With it 0, the problem appears
: to have gone away.  (No promises until I've seen it read 20+ meg files

This looks like something on your bus, presumably the target with the
smallest ID, thinks it must talk sync (are you talking sync to your
targets from AmigaOS?) and the driver doesn't succeed to negotiate
async. This is really wierd.... I remember I tried this after the
changes and it worked. 

But then, the different versions of the 33C93 chip have different sets
of bugs, so there might be a combination of drive wierdness and chip
version which are not handled proberly by the driver yet. 

The workaround is easy: talk to the drive ASYNC when running AmigaOS. At
least if you intend to loadbsd.

	Ignatios Souvatzis