Subject: Please add to GENERIC Was: RE: LEVEL6 Interrupt)
To: Frank Dana <>
From: Rob Leland <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/31/1995 22:50:14
PLEASE, Chris Hopps would you consider adding this to the kernel
config files:!

> With Shakespearian flourish, Michael Teske writes:
> I did have another amiga device question, tho--I remember, when I got
> my 950702 kernel (pre-built), that I picked up the "LEV_6" version that
> had the serial port interrupt set higher for slow machines like mine.
> I've now build my own kernel, and want to add that LEV_6 functionality
> back in. How would I do that? Is it just a config option I didn't see,
> or a set of patches, or... what?  8)

I would seem that if the RETINA_SPEED_HACK IS THERE, then something as
useful as this should be documented in the kernel config files?
Why was it left out?

Add these lines to your kernel config file in the
It doesn't seem to matter where you add them, maybe below the RETINA...

# Markus Wild says he runs at 56K into a 19.2 modem with below, good enough for me!
options         "SERIBUF_SIZE=16738"    # use a much larger serial input buffer
options         LEV6_DEFER              # use level6 interrupt remapper

> 								-Frank