Subject: Re: How should I configure NetBSD?
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Frank Dana <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/26/1995 14:17:38
With Shakespearian flourish, David Hopper writes:
> > 
> > I'm a bit curious as to how others handle the amigados kernel situation. 
> > When I do kernel recompiles, sometimes the new kernel is different enough
> > such that cat newkernel >/dev/reload no longer works.  Should I need to
> > format an old style BSD partition to keep both sides consistent? 
> I still don't trust adosfs for writing.  I'm lucky, though, to have a
> second machine on a LAN.  I send the new kernel from NetBSD, then reboot
> the Amiga, FTP the kernel to AmigaDOS, and loadbsd the thing.  I really don't
> know how someone would manage without a second machine, unless 1) adosfs is
> now writable (safely!) under NetBSD, or 2) dd if=/newkernel of=/dev/fd0a
> under NetBSD, and then under AmigaDOS, 'dd if=RAW: of=DH1:newkernel' with 
> rawdevice.handler installed.  Pretty tricky.  I wonder if I even got _that_
> to work.

3) What I Do(tm).  8)

I don't, personally, trust any of the cross-platform file systems for
writing--but they read just fine. What I did was format my NetBSD drive
with a 5mb AmigaDOS partition, BOOT: Boot contains a couple of kernels,
loadbsd, a startup-sequence that does 'loadbsd -a netbsd-xxxxxx', and
BFFS. BOOT: is also the highest-priority bootable drive on my system. That
way, it really does 'autoboot' into NetBSD, and whenever I do a kernel
rebuild, all I need to do is make it /netbsd, halt, disable the startup-
sequence, copy it off my root partition with bffs, and loadbsd it. Works
pretty well, it's all automatic, and everything's interruptible (thanks
to 2.04's boot menu) so I can always take control back when I need to
change things.

Note that all of my filesystems are still 4.2--I don't know if BFFS
will work with any other type (regardless of the name...)  8)


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