Subject: Re: How should I configure NetBSD?
To: Calvin <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/26/1995 08:19:36
> > Do I need to keep a ADOS partition so I can update the software?
> > How do I make it autoboot into NetBSD when I turn it on?
> I'm a bit curious as to how others handle the amigados kernel situation. 
> When I do kernel recompiles, sometimes the new kernel is different enough
> such that cat newkernel >/dev/reload no longer works.  Should I need to
> format an old style BSD partition to keep both sides consistent? 
	/ is formated with a newfs -O. Root is usually small and mostly
	read only so it doesn't hurt things too bad to be an old style
	UFS filesystem. Then you can mount / using BFFS driver under
	ADOS in user-startup and run loadbsd using the same file as
	NetBSD will use. You never have a mismatch then.