Subject: Re: How should I configure NetBSD?
To: John Marohn <>
From: Rob Leland <leland@freetocreate>
List: amiga
Date: 10/25/1995 23:25:16
This is my 720 MB drive note that if you install 1.0 ffs should be ufs
/dev/sd1a	/		ffs	rw	1	1
/dev/sd1d	/var		ffs	rw	1	2
/dev/sd1e	/usr		ffs	rw	1	2	
/dev/sd1f	/local		ffs	rw	1	2
/dev/sd1g	/usr/src	ffs	rw	1	2
This is my 340MB drive
/dev/sd0d	/home		ffs	rw	1	2
/dev/sd0e	/proj		ffs	rw	1	2
/dev/sd0a	/sd/sd0/a	ffs	rw	1	2 This is my spare root

Notice I have a separate /var, This is just incase the mail directory
or some other log file grows really big and wants to corrupt my root
partition. It can't since it is on another file system!
It is also good if the system locks up, like in X. Most likely the
'/' partition will be ok when you fsck it.

Here is how I have my space allocated: 2 blocks = 1K

Filesystem  512-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/sd1a        32910    22440     8824    72%    /     
  / = 16MB Just about right size,
      Could just get by on 12MB) since we have /var
/dev/sd1d        39054     1742    35358     5%    /var
  /var = 20MB Too big, could be 1/2=(10MB) or 1/3 this size and be ok.
/dev/sd1e       198206   150040    38254    80%    /usr
  /usr = 100MB Probably, Just right size It could be
   trimmed down a bit but NO smaller than 90MB
/dev/sd1f       297342   106054   176420    38%    /local
  /local or /usr/local = 150MB Here I have X11R6 and all the /usr/local stuff
   I would not recommend shrinking this down but if I had to 100MB Min! 
/dev/sd1g       694364   252188   407456    38%    /usr/src
  This contains the entire NetBSD source tree, right now there are
  no object files in here. When it gets full usage goes to about
  250MB. However it is possible to:
     compile /usr/src/bin
     install it
     cleanup /usr/src/bin
     compile ...
  Using this method usage only goes up to at most (180MB)

/dev/sd0d        63122    35416    24548    59%    /home
/dev/sd0e       482812   150604   308066    33%    /proj
  My scrap directory used to build stuff. beware though this
  wasn't big enough to build the entire X11R6 though :-O! To my horror!
/dev/sd0a        30910    19036     8782    68%    /sd/sd0/a
  This is my spare root, it has it's own /var

Hope this gives you some idea of how much space NetBSD occupies.