Subject: loadbsd-2.10 and pppd
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Simon J DeBoer <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/08/1995 11:29:36
Well I have solved most of my problems in the switch to a -current 

Two things that are still bothering me...First (and more important to me 
since otherwise I only have 2400 connection) is PPP.  Before I switched 
it ran flawlessly (other than the occasional overflow) now it will not 
connect.  I look through the chat log and everything proceeds as normal 
and I get the ppp0 ---> tty00 as per usual, but then the ip address never 
comes up.  The address is assigned dynamically by my remote host.  I am 
using the 950912 snapshot on regensburg, except that I have changed the 
kernel configuration some.  I am fairly confident that I haven't changed 
anything that would be related to this but at any rate is there a library 
or something that needs to be recompiled?

The second problem is this:
I have an A3000 with a GVP scsi/mem board, 4M zips and 4M simms on the 
GVP, there is an HD on the A3000 controller and one on the GVP (for 
swap).  So when I use loadbsd-2.10 -n 1 -c 3000 netbsd the boot sequence 
proceeds fine saying it is has 6.9M accessible and goes through the whole 
kernel info sequence.  Then it says "2 mice\\ 10 viws" and things start 
going weird.  I get sort of random characters appearing in random places 
on my screen.  I say sort of random because they say  BUS Error.  But 
that is all I can piece together.   It does not mater if I use the -c 
3000 or not, nor does it change behaviour if I use -n 2.  Although the 
-n 0 does work so things are not completely screwy.

	Thanks again...Soon I will stop pestering as much and maybe know 
	enough to help some other people out.