Subject: Re: 950912 snapshot and problems
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <is@Beverly.Rhein.DE>
List: amiga
Date: 10/06/1995 09:48:06
Simon J DeBoer ( wrote:
: I have downloaded and installed the 950912 snapshot that can be found on 
: uni-regensburg, I have been using 1.0 for awhile now and I hope that I 
: have not forgotten to do something simple but I am having a few problems.

You DID install the new libkvm and friends, I hope?
: So I have a number of problems/questions...(I have an A3000 with a GVP 
: scsi/mem board, 4M zips + 4M simms on GVP)
: --  One of my hard drives gets configured 10 times during.  (I don't 
: need it for NetBSD so I have removed it...but it would be nice to know 
: why it does that)

Hm, you should identify the exact drive type and model, and error
message. If it is one of those braindead drives which say "yes, I'm
here" at each available logical unit number at their target ID, NetBSD
core group needs that information fast to include it into the exception

: --  While doing the fsck on my root drive (525M Quantum Lightning) I get 
: a message something like 'sbic ... bounce'  with some other information 

errr, try to write it down exactly. Might be harmless. Look into the
syslog files for it.

: -- pstat is not able to allocate memory...But upon further investigation 
: I descovered it could.  What it did not do was address the proper part of 
: the KVM library.  I assume this would be fixed with a recompile of pstat, 
: but I figured I should put it in here.

You need the appropriate libkvm for your kernel, and maybe even the
appropriate ps for your libkvm.
: --  On my amiga side the loadbsd-2.10 is not recognized as an 
: executable.  I do not have a compiler on the Amiga side so cannot 

hm... maybe its corrupted, try to get a fresh copy. And dont forget to
gzip -d loadbsd.gz and protect loadbsd +e before trying to run it.

: recompile my own copy.  (I haven't looked into cross compiling 
: netbsd-amigaos, but I assume it is possible)
: --  pppd will call up my host and chat will go through the connect but it 
: never seems to decide what my dynamically allocated address is.

Did it work earlier?
: --  Using the old pppd (from -1.0) connects and I get my address, but I 
: cannot do anything with it.  Everything responds with 'network down'.  

Thats ok. The old pppd doesn't know about the correct procedure to tell
the new kernel part to go up.

: There last two are the reason I cannot give exact quotes of what the 
: errors are because I am using the Amiga side not NetBSD.

Use a Polaroid and a scanner ;-) Just kidding.

	Ignatios Souvatzis