Subject: 950912 snapshot and problems
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/04/1995 21:50:03
>>>>> "Simon" == Simon J DeBoer <> writes:

	I suppose if I call you 'old friend,' I get hit.
Anyways... havn't seen you on the MUSH in awhile, but...

Simon> So I have a number of problems/questions...(I have an A3000
Simon> with a GVP scsi/mem board, 4M zips + 4M simms on GVP)

	A fair upgrade from what I remember.

Simon> -- One of my hard drives gets configured 10 times during.  (I
Simon> don't need it for NetBSD so I have removed it...but it would be
Simon> nice to know why it does that)

	I don't think that this is bad.  Several of our suns with
SunOS and Solaris do this.  Basically, SCSI has 'addresses' (ID) and
units (LUN).  Each address has 8 LUNs.  Some systems (like my
ESDI<-->SCSI converter) will take two drives, and produce on address
with two LUNs (this is the proper behaviour).  Other drives
(esp. those produced for a DOS market with broken controllers) respond
for every LUN --- that is the produce the same response for each of
their 8 LUNs.

	The moral of the story is... you better only use one of those
devices, but it's not really broken.

Simon> -- On my amiga side the loadbsd-2.10 is not recognized as an
Simon> executable.  I do not have a compiler on the Amiga side so
Simon> cannot recompile my own copy.  (I haven't looked into cross
Simon> compiling netbsd-amigaos, but I assume it is possible)

	I would be happy to run an AmigaDOS compiler across something
for you.  I have DICE, SAS/C, GCC and MANX/C :).  Just catch me on the
MUSH when I'm at home.


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