Subject: 950912 snapshot and problems
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Simon J DeBoer <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/04/1995 11:03:11
I have downloaded and installed the 950912 snapshot that can be found on 
uni-regensburg, I have been using 1.0 for awhile now and I hope that I 
have not forgotten to do something simple but I am having a few problems.

So I have a number of problems/questions...(I have an A3000 with a GVP 
scsi/mem board, 4M zips + 4M simms on GVP)

--  One of my hard drives gets configured 10 times during.  (I don't 
need it for NetBSD so I have removed it...but it would be nice to know 
why it does that)

--  While doing the fsck on my root drive (525M Quantum Lightning) I get 
a message something like 'sbic ... bounce'  with some other information 

-- pstat is not able to allocate memory...But upon further investigation 
I descovered it could.  What it did not do was address the proper part of 
the KVM library.  I assume this would be fixed with a recompile of pstat, 
but I figured I should put it in here.

--  On my amiga side the loadbsd-2.10 is not recognized as an 
executable.  I do not have a compiler on the Amiga side so cannot 
recompile my own copy.  (I haven't looked into cross compiling 
netbsd-amigaos, but I assume it is possible)

--  pppd will call up my host and chat will go through the connect but it 
never seems to decide what my dynamically allocated address is.

--  Using the old pppd (from -1.0) connects and I get my address, but I 
cannot do anything with it.  Everything responds with 'network down'.  

There last two are the reason I cannot give exact quotes of what the 
errors are because I am using the Amiga side not NetBSD.

	Any help would be appreciated,