Subject: Re: ser0: silo overflow
To: David Hopper <>
From: Rob Leland <>
List: amiga
Date: 10/02/1995 09:12:45
> This has been hanging around since pre-1.0, and I forgot what the
> fix was.  I'm getting it frequently, every six or seven minutes.
> What does this error mean?  What can I do with ser.c to get rid
> of it?  My connection is at 38400, which should easily be handled
> by my A3000/040.
> Thanks,
> David Hopper (
Sometimes the below patch causes problems with some SCSI cards,
And some Serial cards
I am using a A3000 and operate at 28.8 no problem!
Place this in your kernels configuration file when you build a new kernel
ie your /usr/src/sys/arch/amiga/conf/GENERIC file

# Markus Wild says he runs at 56K into a 19.2 modem with below, good enough for me!
options         "SERIBUF_SIZE=16738"    # use a much larger serial input buffer
options         LEV6_DEFER              # use level6 interrupt remapper