Subject: Re: Retina Z3 scrolling woes
To: Michael K. Sanders <>
From: R. H. Wood <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/29/1995 14:05:43
According to Michael K. Sanders:
> Well, I just attempted to upgrade to the latest -current
> snapshot... When I tried booting the GENERIC kernel, I got panics
If you mean the 081995 snapshot when you say 'latest' then, so did
I.  But I built my own kernel, *with* RETNIA_SPEED_HACK defined.

> galore... bus errors, and kernel jumping to zero. I booted an old
> kernel as was able to compile one  of my own, but now I'm having
> Retina problems. I'm losing about 6 lines at the bottom of the
> screen... it doesn't scroll, it just keeps writing down into lala
> land... I thought it might be the RETINA_SPEED_HACK (I'm running on an
> A3000 with an A3640), but without that it seems to do the same
> thing... Any ideas? I can't think of what's different between my

I couldn't run at all without a RETINA_SPEED_HACK-kernel installed...

> kernel and the GENERIC one... I'll look into it more, but I guess
> losing six lines is better than kernel panics... *wry grin*
> Oh, also, is the Xamiga24-950305 on the latest
> version of Xamiga24? It looks like it still has some major problems...
That's the version I'm running, and I'm not having any noticable problems,
now that I've switched back to my "regular" drive 
					(with ample swap space;-) )
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