Subject: Re: slip and PPP
To: John Shardlow <>
From: Calvin <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/21/1995 23:07:17
On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, John Shardlow wrote:

> #!/bin/csh
> /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/tty00 38400 defaultroute connect 'chat "" ATZ OK ATDT{1}
>  ogin: {2} assword: {3} otocol: PPP HELLO' {4}:

This isn't the most secure way of doing it.  Suppose a user logs in and 

ps auxww | grep pppd

?  They'll grab your password!  

The way I do it is to put all the pppd settings into its configuration 
file and to put the connect script (chat) into a separate executable 
script that the connect option referrs to.  Nothing vital appears under 
ps except for time of dialing.

So what I have is:


which contains
/dev/tty00 19200 crtscts modem defaultroute

and I have another file called "auth" which contains

sh -c 'chat -v "" at OK atdtNUMBER ..connection..stuff... '

To initialize ppp, just:

pppd connect auth

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