Subject: My good old Seagate
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Tobias Ruland <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/21/1995 10:36:26
Hi all,

during the weekend I tried to install NBSD 1.0 - without success. The
problem was my good old Seagate 1096N.

My configuration:
  1 ALF3-SCSI-Controller (ID7), 1 Quantum 52MB (ID0) to boot an Amiga System
  1 GVP-SeriesII (ID4), 1 Syquest88MB (ID1), 1 Seagate 80MB (ID2).
  A2000,A2630,6MB Fast (4 on 2630, 2 on GVP),1MB Chip.

I partitioned the Syquest
  15 MB /root
  20 MB /swap
  10 MB amigados
  remaining MB's /local

I wanted to use the good old Seagate as /usr.

The installation program recognizes the controller, finds my root
partition. Syquest is found as sd0, Seagate as sd1.

It is possible to install /usr on my Syquest /local-Partition (I
tried this, because it was not possible to mount usr to sd1). The
installation program recognizes the Seagate, is able to read the
partition specs (from cyl x to cyl y, BSD4.2 fs and so on), shows this
partition as partition 'd', but when I input this letter when I'm
asked where I want /usr mounted on, I'm getting the response "'d' is
not a valid input". Do I have to BSD-high-level-format this drive
before the installation script is able to mount /usr on this drive or
what? Hubert Feyrer says in the compatibility-list, that he did not
have any problems with this drive ever... what am I doing wrong? Is it
possible that those two controllers are confusing each other under
NetBSD (there is a problem under AmigaDOS: the GVP-Drives are NOT
automounted although I marked them as 'Automount' using HDToolBox!).

There is a second problem I have: loadbsd (2.10 and the old one). It is
not possible to start netbsd under Kickstart 1.3 (the built in). I do
have to softkick 3.1 (and then some of my fastmem seems not to be used
by netbsd!) because under 3.1 loadbsd does simply NOTHING (it returns
to the shell prompt).

Hope to get some help from some of you. Many thanx in advance!

    kind regards


Tobias Ruland (student at Dept. of Artificial Intelligence, Univ. Erlangen)

      (Please write in ENGLISH, GERMAN or FINNISH)