Subject: Re: RetinaZ3 and the art of screenmodes
To: Karl Stenerud < (Karl Stenerud)>
From: H}kan Th|rngren <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/21/1995 08:38:39
> Well I've finally been able to recompile a current kernel with
> retinaspeedhack enabled and using custom screenmodes and it ALMOST runs
> perfectly, "except for a few things" (tm):
> Have any of you RetinaZ3 users had any problems when using xman? (black
> bars taking the place of text)

Yes!  Same problem on my system.

I have a Retina Z3 and A3000 running with NetBSD 1.0 patched with mw-9412*
or whatever it was called.
Makes xman kind of unusable, but I prefer emacs so there is no big loss for

xfig is another matter, has the problem with rectangles coverering the tool 
buttons been fixed?

I still dream about mounting PC floppies...

Oh yes, is there a good description on how to set up amd somewhere?
There is a long document in one of the BSD 4.4 manuals and I have looked
at the documentation in the latest version, but I cannot get it to work.
I just want to automount some ftp archives when I use slip...

I also have an ASDG dual serial port board in my A3000 but no driver for
it.  It seems to use the same Zilog chip as SUN3/x which means that it
*should* be kind of easy to fix a device driver from the SUN code.
Unfortunately, I get completely lost reading the source, I simply do not
understand how it fits into the kernel.  Is there some good basic document
available that teach such things???


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