Subject: Re: RetinaZ3 update
To: Karl Stenerud <>
From: Markus Wild <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/20/1995 22:16:42
> The good news is that there's no more 64 bit sprite bugs.  Also, I can now
> choose screenmodes.


> The bad news is that the palette is screwed up in screenmodes higher than 8 bit.

The problem is, with depths > 8 there IS no palette.. Now, the way true color
modes (16bit and 24bit) store their respective parts of R, G and B differs.
The X-server (Xamiga24 in my case) would have to handle this distinction. The
current server really only handles the 24bit case right (that's the one I'm
using), the 16bit part is unimplemented (means your colors are screwed up).
You might ask why there is a difference at all... Don't you just hate
little-endian addressing like I do....?

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