Subject: Re: RetinaZ3 and the art of screenmodes
To: Markus Wild <>
From: Christian E. Hopps <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/20/1995 10:47:14
At 6:45 AM 8/20/95, Markus Wild wrote:

>> test this and make sure it works ok on their systems.  (e.g. I made the
>> 64bit bug define the default in the GENERIC kernel)
>Please *don't*.. I hardly know of any ncr chip that works 100% with 64bit
>sprites, it's just different levels of misfunction I've seen so far. so: 
>do NOT define RZ3_64BIT_SPRITE in the config file!

Ah I think I wasn't paying too close attention.  The define enables the
buggy parts.  (Which seems pretty obvious from the name now.)  Ok
I will change it to off.