Subject: Re: slip and PPP
To: Vince LaMonica <>
From: Mark C. Gay <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/19/1995 23:21:47
I'm trying to get a ppp connection set up as well, and after finding
bsdip-1.01.tar.gz, and checking it out, it only seems to support slip.
The ppp.c file looks like it just returns a not implemeted yet

Also, the existing networking FAQ, while not bad, isn't exactly clear 
on a simple list of steps to simply set up either type of connection.

The main problem is the way the hypertext is organized for emacs info.
It describes steps in parallel instead of a separate thread of nodes
for each type of installation.  IMHO this is a good example of how
NOT to write a hypertext doc.  

I think my current problem is with my provider and I waiting for some
response from them before I start asking questions here.