Subject: Re: GURU ROM on GVP
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alain Chofardet <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/18/1995 00:26:00
Hello Michael,
 In a message dated 15 Aug 95 you wrote to Alain Chofardet :

 MLH> On Aug 15,  2:35am, Alain Chofardet wrote:
 >> Only Quantum is on the bus, ID 6.
 >> There is much output on the console. I have written down all I could
 >> get
 MLH>  (the bottom of the output). As this is hand copy, I hope I did not
 MLH> made
 MLH>   mistakes ;-)

 MLH>  If you didn't make any mistakes, something looks very wrong:

 >> sbicselectbus 5
 MLH>                ^
 MLH>  This is the target being selected; it should be 6.

No, I did not make any mistake. I think I got sbicselectbus 0, sbicselectbus 1, ...

Output didn't fit onto one screen; I only could write down the end of the output.

 MLH> your transcription is probably correct.  The other possibility is that
 MLH> the Quantum is actually set to 5 instead of 6.  It could also be

No, hdtoolbox gives 6.

 MLH>  Does that mean you want to try booting a new kernel to see if it
 MLH> works?

Yes, but you also can send me the new parts of the sources (sbic.c, ...) if it's simpler.

If you want to send a complete kernel, please send it to telesys (see below).

PS : be careful, I won't be on the net from next Friday (18th) for around 10

Alain Chofardet
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