Subject: Re: Motif
To: None <>
From: Chris A. Mattingly <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/17/1995 16:12:21
Hubert Feyrer wrote the following about "Re: Motif" on Thu Aug 17 12:33:59 1995
> > > > AFAIK nobody has Motif libraries for NetBSD-m68k.
> > > Then how'd "whoever" build our statically linked Mosaic binary?  Was this 
> > > some sort of slight-of-hand(tm) trick using cross compiling/linking some 
> > > other platform?
> > Well, a friend of mine has motif for the Sony News 68k system, so there
> > definitly is a 68k-version of motif.
> Motif is not even available for Sony machines, but also for sun3's,
> and as NetBSD/amiga is binary compatible with SunOS for the sun3, it's
> possible to use the Sun-libs. One of the Mosaic's here was even
> *compiled* on a sun3, not just linked with those libs.
> There's noone though who has a source license. Asking the OSF for 
> obtaining a source license wasn't very succesful if i remember
> right (Guenther Grau asked them once). Besides that, they want quite
> some money for the source license, and you have to buy for ev
> machine you want to sell the libs, i.e. it's not possible to buy the
> sources and sell them for i386 AND amiga  (etc.) with only paying
> once.

The source license is not that expensive for universities.  I work for
the university, and do have access to the source code, but only for
1.2 ... which will _not_ compile under R6 (and work correctly).  

I'm waiting for the uni. to get the 2.x source, and then I'll start
working on it....

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