Subject: Re: 950702 snapshot gives vm_fault?
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/17/1995 13:15:39
>>>>> "Christian" == Christian E Hopps <> writes:

Christian> made current retina vertical scroll code
Christian> conditional on the new option RETINA_SPEED_HACK.  Old
Christian> commented code has been resurected.  This reportedly fixes
Christian> the smear problems some retinas have.  John Vrolijk
Christian> <> noticed this.

Christian> I believe this "smearing" was being seen on 040 systems.

So devise a patch dependent on the CPU, it might work for all...

Christian> How can I test a board I don't have?

Obviously, you cannot.  The problem at hand seems to be that reports
of the problem that got introduced got lost.  It's too bad not all of
us are used to send-pr (I've used it, it's just a longer mental
distance to report something there, than in an amiga list).  If a
problem report gets filed in the PR db, then it's easier to check out
what open problems exist, when one have time dealing with them.  Often
reports on the list gets ignored due to much workload or sth.  At
least I act that way: If I have too much to do, I don't care much of
problems reported on the lists.  When I have some spare time, I
instead go to IRC and check if I can help anyone there, and it has a
social dimension not found in mail as well.  I can recomment #netbsd
on IRC, we actually do progress there once in a while :-)


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