Subject: Re: GURU ROM on GVP
To: None <>
From: Alain Chofardet <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/15/1995 13:03:00
Hello Michael,
 In a message dated 12 Aug 95 you wrote to Alain Chofardet :

 MLH>  That's rather strange.  I can't think of what might cause that,
 MLH> unless the driver is somehow getting the wrong adapter ID.  I think if
 MLH> the adapter were to set it's ID to 6, this type of behaviour could
 MLH> occur.

I think you were right. I modified the sbic.c like this :

clock_override = 0
inhibit_sync = 0

	struct sbic_softc *dev;
	sbic_regmap_p regs;
	u_int i, s;
	u_char my_id, csr;
	regs = dev->sc_sbicp;

	if (dev->sc_flags & SBICF_ALIVE)
		sbicabort(dev, regs, "reset");
	s = splbio();
	/* preserve our ID for now */
	GET_SBIC_myid (regs, my_id);
	my_id &= SBIC_ID_MASK;

	if (dev->sc_clkfreq < 110)
		my_id |= SBIC_ID_FS_8_10;
	else if (dev->sc_clkfreq < 160)
		my_id |= SBIC_ID_FS_12_15;
	else if (dev->sc_clkfreq < 210)
		my_id |= SBIC_ID_FS_16_20;

	my_id |= SBIC_ID_EAF /*| SBIC_ID_EHP*/ ;
my_id = 7;
my_id |= SBIC_ID_FS_12_15;
	SET_SBIC_myid(regs, my_id);

My host has ID 7. My GForce is 1 year old; I supposed you were right again for the clock frequency, then I assumed 14MHz.

This is the output at boot time :

gtsc0 : target 6 now synchronous, period=388ns, offset=12

The only displayed device is target 6 as being a Quantum. That's right !!! Notice that the period has changed. It used to be 256 in my previous tries.

I have not tried yet to add my other devices.

Alain Chofardet
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