Subject: AmigaFFS vs NetBSD filename compatibility?
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: T H Pineapple <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/11/1995 01:21:00
Here's something odd.  El scenario:

My NetBSD 1.0 kernel <with no strange filesystems like Portal or
MSDOS rolled in> kept kernel-panicking after about a day of uptime
with inode errors on one partition only.  This one partition was set
up with a BSD filesystem <like all the rest> but had some files with
international characters in the filenames <Umlauts, tildes, accented
vowels, the usual localisation stuff y'know?> copied from another
Amiga project drive.  None of the other mounted BSD partitions had
such filenames.  Taking this partition out of the fstab <IE not
mounting it>, problem solved immediately.

Bizarre hardware coincidence on the drive, or a BSD filesystem
limitation on filename characters?  Anybody know?  <It's just out of
interest, as it wasn't important stuff, but I can't keep taking the
box down for experimenting as we're in the final stages of building
and cutting a Windows '95 CD-ROM on the NetBSD fileserver and we need
all the uptime we can get ;->

Steev, Netsurf & Opticality @ Almathera UK.
<NetBSD fileserver on A3k+8mFAST+5gigsSCSI+A2065ethernet>

<Incidentally, I got all our NetBSD NFS problems sorted a while back,
hence we've been able to build this CD project over the LAN with
SAMBA clients under Win'95 and NFS under Amigas.  Another long story,
mail me for details>