Subject: Re: How do you set up a parallel printer?
To: Tomas Abrahamsson (ryzar) <>
From: Mark C. Gay <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/09/1995 14:38:09

Thanks, for the example of the printcap, that  was the thing I couldn't
quite figure out!  

Also thanks to all the others on the mailing lists that replied as well,
all the information was very helpful.  

I had already ftp-ed Ghostscript and Ghostview but hadn't installed
them yet, I also plan on installing TeX.  I was trying to figure out
how to get printer going looking at the man pages and FAQs and books,
but couldn't find anything specifically about parallel printers

It looks like I was on the right track, but just had to get that printcap
entry set right and the various docs just didn't seem to be very clear.

Thanks again to you and all the others!