Subject: Re: Fortran And Ethernet
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Frank Dana <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/04/1995 12:27:12
With Shakespearian flourish, Frank Dana writes:
> With Shakespearian flourish, Michael L. Hitch writes:
> > 
> >   I just looked at the 'ed' driver in -current, and it is checking for
> > both the Hydra and an ASDG board.  The ASDG match looks for man/prod
> > 1023/254;  is that what the EB920 board is?
> That sounds right. I'll check it out tonight, but I'm pretty sure that's
> the "unkonwn board" my kernel is showing.  8)

Which, indeed, I did. That's the one--ASDG EB920 "LanRover" card. I still
haven't been able to test it, though, because my SLIP connection is
really spotty. I get 400cps through kermit (at "14.4KBaud"), and that's
only when I don't actually get disconnected.


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