Subject: Re: Fortran And Ethernet
To: Niklas Hallqvist <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/03/1995 21:19:15
> Would it be impossible to change the names of the ed and le driver to
> zed and zle?  Chopps, are you listening?  As you may know I'm working
> with ISA drivers in my setup which I someday would like to contribute
> to the main tree.  However if I configure an ed if I'll get both
> arch/amiga/dev's version and dev/isa's.  Not nice!  If we won't change
> in the amiga community, I'll have to persuade the i386ers to :-)
> The 'z' were meant to symbolize Zorro, if it wasn't clear...
> For the moment I have to clone the dev/isa driver and call it isaed
> which is getting a pain to merge every time if_ed changes...
	Something must be messed up in your config files, when I config
	my le there is NO clash between ISA le, SPARC le, SUN3 le and Amiga le.