Subject: Re: Random console lockups
To: None <>
From: Blaz Zupan <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/02/1995 15:12:33
[quoting my post about console lockups Chris replies:]

> I've had the exact same problem.  (I thought it was screen's fault
> too, until it locked up when I wasn't running screen)

Finally a problem that not only I experience :-)

I've thought about it once again and as far as I remember
at the time the lockups started to occur I upgraded to a new
kernel that incorporated the latest ppp driver. The
latest ppp driver needed some changes in the interrupt
handling and added another private interrupt handler.
Maybe this could be the cause of it (AFAIK there were
no other major changes in the kernel at that time).

> > The lockups don't happen like every second day. I noticed
Of course I meant "The lockups DO happen about every second day" :)

> > This is NetBSD/amiga running a kernel around July 6th.
> Happened with me since late June, and is still here.

Yeah, I think this is close to the ppp changes. Are you also
running ppp Chris?

> Just lettin' ya know that Blaz isn't the only one who has these problems.
> :-)

Hopefully someone with a better memory can tell us what changes
were happening around late June/early July. Maybe we should
also expand this to current-users?

Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention this in my post: I'm running on
the cirrus console and NOT the custom chip. Which console do
you use Chris?


  Blaz Zupan, Ljubljanska 19/b, 62000 Maribor, Slovenia, 2:380/104.40, GMIZO::BLAZ