Subject: Re: 1.0 installation problems. :(
To: Eric K. Miller <>
From: Max Leung <>
List: amiga
Date: 08/02/1995 13:05:47
One possibility is that one of the archives you installed may have been 
corrupted. If you have gzip on the AmigaDOS side of your system, try a 
"cat #?10.?? |gunzip -t". I recommend that you give the cat command the 
distribution files in the _right order_ (ie. type them out by hand, don't 
use the wildcards). I found that AmigaDOS doesn't sort them in the right 
order. :-(

I found that I had to retar and compress (NOT using gzip) on my UNIX 
account at University here before I downloaded them...for some reason my 
files got corrupted one the AmigaDOS side, and my gzip must have been 
broken. I had to use "compress" instead.

Quite a few people have had similar problems. When you Extract the files, 
make sure tar gets ALL OF THEM. If an error occurs the installation 
program will happily tell you everything is ok. _this sucks_ IMO. :(