Subject: Re: pppd
To: Leslie Todd Masco <>
From: 'Most Excellent' Eric Mehlhaff <>
List: amiga
Date: 07/31/1995 21:14:32
Leslie Todd Masco <> recently wrote:

>>  I can ping my supplier just fine,
>> but if I try to ftp to, ftp just sits there.
>I don't have my machine in front of me, but take a look at /etc/netstart
>and see where it gets a gateway for "route add default."  It looks like
>you aren't telling the kernel (either through "route add default" or
>through a switch to pppd) that traffic for all addresses whould go
>through ppp0.

There's an option to pppd to make it add a default route when pppd is
running; you're probably forgetting that.  I think all you have to do
is add 'defaultroute' to /etc/ppp/options.

 Eric Mehlhaff,