Subject: Re: Can't build kernel
To: Blaz Zupan <>
From: Richard H. Wood <>
List: amiga
Date: 05/28/1995 21:25:45
According to Blaz Zupan:
> *PLEASE* If anybody has built a working (or nonworking!) kernel from
> the latest (say after May 20) sources then please reply to this
> message! I'm running out of ideas.

I just built everything (a first time, for me, btw) - my latest sup
was May 24.  (seems like sunlamp's been down since then and my alter
nate site,, has had no changes to send, either).

> Also does anybody have any problems with the floppy driver? As far
> as I can tell there were no important changes since the 1.0 version
> but the -current driver simply hangs when it tries to access the floppy
> (the drive light goes on and then nothing happens, the whole machine
> hangs).

No information on floppy stuff here.  But...

I can't run Xdaniver with the recently built in place.
The keyboard and mouse are totally inoperable (read: "dead-as-a-doornail").
If I rename it off (to, everything complains about the expected
version being missing, but (xinit'd Xdanvier) _will_ run and the mouse and
keyboard work.  Put the new library back in place and X is as frozen as
an ice cube when it comes up.

Anybody have a suggestion what I should look at/for?