Subject: Re: amiga's being made again.
To: Jes Degn Soerensen <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: amiga
Date: 05/24/1995 09:04:56
>  > > Escom AG, Heppenheim, which bought the intellectual property rights,
>  > > patents and brand names of Commodore International Ltd last month,
>  > > will relaunch the Amiga line soon and will develop a PowerPC version
>  > > probably within a year.  The relaunch will feature the Amiga 1200 and
>  > > 4000 made in China by Tianjin Family-Used Multimedia Co with Motorola
>  > > Inc 68080 chips.  The PowerPC version will be marketed as both a
>  >       ^^^^^
>  > > serious RISC-based machine and a 32-bit games computer, sold with
>  > > either Windows NT, IBM Corp OS/2 or Apple Computer Inc Mac OS.  A
>  >          ^^^^^^^^^^           ^^^^                       ^^^^^^
>  > And what about AIX 4.1.1 and Solaris 2.4?
>  > 
> Well this sounds very nice, but I haven't heard anything from Dr. Kittel
> on CBMNet, and I therefore must say I really don't think all of the data
> above is correct. According to Dr. Kittel's statement and thhe other
> things that have come out from ESCOM, it seems like they wan't to
> produce Amigas, and plan to release a Mac-clone amongst all the
> pc-clones they already produce. I don't think they plan to make an Amiga
> with NT, OS/2 or Mac OS, atleast thasts not how I read their
> statements. Second I don't think Dr. Kittel will let it happen (he's to
> smart to do that). Maybe they can convince SUN Soft to release Solaris,
> but that'll take a looooong time, and I don't find it to be realistic
> (unfortunately not).
	If the system is CHRP compliant, the followup to PReP, then
	Solaris 2.5 will run on it just fine.

	However, I have to agree that it's unlikely ESCOM would target
	such a market for a LONG time. More likely is 64's/1200's to
	China and maybe a few 4000's for the video niche. After they
	made gobs of maney THEN maybe think about a console based on
	the PowerPC and maybe a CHRP motherboard for higher end uses.