Subject: Re: Posting a snapshot to
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 05/09/1995 00:14:05
Hubert Feyrer said:
> There are quite some packages precomiled for NetBSD/amiga, and in an effort to
> incorporate this into the packages-archive on, John Kohl has changed
> the format of many packages, but as the packages here don't use the pkgtools
> (which aren't very handy in my eyes (no, don't start bashing ;-)), quite some
> are out of order ofter the conversion...

	Most of those binaries should work on any m68k8k machine, 
although the varying points of development may produce problems.  In 
theory, at least - I don't have a Mac or Sun3 to test any of them on.
Obviously, Fastlane drivers and XamigaRetina are useless for other 
architectures, but pico and TeX are probably fine.

> If someone would recompile everything this would be a first step into merging and, but it sure wouldn't be the last.
> Next would probably be incorporating all those documents here, which are quite
> amiga-specific in some points, the seperating what is amiga-only and what is 
> not, then what to do with all those experimental stuff, ...
> Lots of work to do... right now I'm a bit(?) short with time, so I'm quite happy
> with the current situation, although I know that it's *not* optimal from 
>'s point of view.

	I would be happy to work with you on it if:

	I get an Internet connection again in the near future (I plan on 
working at an Internet service provider, so that hopefully will not be a 
	I have time between eat, sleep, and work,
	And, admin at lets me.

> >From my point of view people rather like to have a complete archive for their
> Preferred Platform, and if the beta-stuff is sufficiently seperated from the
> apps (packages), it's ok. After all, it's their chance of getting something 
> newer than the latest snapshot. ;-)

	That's exactly my thoughts from my last message, when I said that 
I thought sun-lamp could use some reorganizing.  Reorganizing each port 
into a uni-regensburg style tree with links to common files would be a really 
good start.  With m68k8k, amiga, mac, and sun3, perhaps it would be best to 
keep architecture specific in the respective directories, and have m68k8k 
have binaries that work on all 3, rather than having a few hundred links.
	While I understand the rationale behind the current structure, it 
really is a mess for users, which is probably why the NetBSD-Amiga/ 
mirrors are more popular.

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