Subject: ( down May 10
To: <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 05/06/1995 17:18:10
	My current plans are to leave school on May 10.  As my motd says, 
When I leave, herb comes with me.  While I may get a SLIP connection (I'm 
trying to get a job with an Internet Service provider), I will not be 
able to provide public FTP access from home.  I'm not returning to school 
anytime in the next few years, so I won't be coming back up next Fall, 

	I updated herb's NetBSD-Amiga mirror last night (probably for the last 
time) so you can find anything you want.  If you're on the Western side 
of the Atlantic, and have been staving off downloading something, I'd 
suggest you do it before May 10, after which you will have to go to 
one of the mirrors in Europe (an especially nasty thing now that the NSFnet 
backbone is apparently out of service).

	Herb will be the last thing I shove in the car, but sometime on 
the morning of the 10th, it will come time, and, with great sadness, 
I'll unplug the ethernet line.