Subject: Re: sound
To: None <>
From: Stephen Champion <>
List: amiga
Date: 05/01/1995 03:44:25 said:
> I remember a while ago people where talking about using the amiga sound with
> NetBSD. How do you know if your kernel has the sound code compiled in it?
> Is there a program that will play music or something? Thanks
> joe sulewski

	In the unix world, sound is played by sending the raw data to a 
device special file, with various iocntl ()'s on the node indicating data 
form.  ie 'cat > /dev/audio' plays a file on a Sun.

	For NetBSD-Amiga 1.0, there is an audio LKM (loadable kernel 
module) on and mirrors that adds audio handling 
when combined with a patch to the kernel sources (included in the archive).  
You then use mknod to create the corresponding /dev/ entries, /dev/aud[0-5].

	I've had trouble with the LKM.  X on my Retina Z2 freaks as soon as I 
load it and is OK once I unload it.  It was just fine when I was running 
Xamigamono on ECS.

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