Subject: Re: how can I put swap on more than 1 disk
To: Stephen Champion <>
From: John Vrolijk <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/28/1995 08:23:32
Hello Stephen,

You wrote:

>	Needs to be:
	config netbsd root on sd3a swap on sd1b and sd3b

Thanx, I'll try that tonight.

>	I've wondered exactly what the GENERIC option is myself.  The 
>GRNERIC config says "mini-root boot support".  Is mini-root the same as 
>single-user, or is it the ability to select a root device (with the -b 

I think it is needed to be able to use more than one root device, as you said, but
when I tried to compile the kernel with a specific place for the root, and still
had the GENERIC option included, the compilation failed, can't remember exactly
what it said, but after removing the GENERIC option, it worked (sort of, it didn't see
any swap, hence my question to the list)

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