Subject: Re: how can I put swap on more than 1 disk
To: Stephen Champion <>
From: David Jones <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/27/1995 15:21:33
> 	I've wondered exactly what the GENERIC option is myself.  The 
> GRNERIC config says "mini-root boot support".  Is mini-root the same as 
> single-user, or is it the ability to select a root device (with the -b 
> option)?

A miniroot is a small root filesystem that is installed in your swap
partition.  You then boot from that, and use it to install the real root.
That's what SunOS does.

In the kernel, if you have booted from sdXb, then you need to offset the
start of swap space by the size of the miniroot so you don't page all over
your root filesystem.

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