Subject: ncftp > 1.8.1 anyone?
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Arthur Hoffmann <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/27/1995 11:34:55
I have been trying to get ncftp 2.0.4 compiled for quite a while, but
always had trouble with ncures. Now that this is fixed with version
1.9.0c of ncurses an old problem I had since version 1.8.1 cropped up
The output looks as follows for any host I try:

root@atze(92)$ ncftp
Trying to connect to
Error: Could not connect to
Reason: Bad file descriptor

Btw. This is using term, the latest version (term-2.3.5).
I'm running NetBSD-Amiga1.0A current. (built last on easter)

Does anyone else have this problem? Should I send this to
current-users as well? or to the author of ncftp maybe?

Any help is welcome.

I would use ncftp1.8.1, but unfortunateley I haven't got the souce
code for it anymore and I updated term afterwards, so I lost the
apropriate libtermnet. i.e. I haven't got any (nc)ftp that ftps
directly into my machine :(



Arthur Hoffmann