Subject: Re: More on NCurses
To: None <>
From: Chris A. Mattingly <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/25/1995 08:56:59
> I'm still(!) on a quest for a good working version of NCurses.  So I 
> downloaded the latest version (
> and to my surprise, it compiled right out of the box.
> My initial tests were encouraging- all of the test programs compiled
> without problems, and many seemed to work as they should.  Until I got to
> the test program "over", which dumped core (a few other test programs also
> dumped, as I later discovered).  When I tried linking the ncurses library
> with Lynx2-3-FM, it displayed everything correctly (a vast improvement
> over 1.8.5), but when I tried to move the cursor, the program crashed. 
> It seems like the problem might be with the cursor moving routines in 
> ncurses, since that is where the problem cropped up in Lynx and in some 
> of the demo programs.  I briefly looked through the ncurses source, and 
> lib_mvcur.c looks like a possible canadate for the problem.  There is 
> even a reference to BSD 4.4, but I didn't under what it meant.

There's also a problem with one of the other functions.  (Forgot
which one it is now).  It is more promising than 1.8.5 was. :)

I believe it was one of the input functions.  I'll play with it some more
tonight and see what's up. (Well, sometime this week.  Working on getting
the login program here at ncsu working under netbsd. :)

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