Subject: snapshot uploaded
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Rob Leland <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/19/1995 09:04:32
I built the NetBSD-current sources from sun-lamp and placed
them under the directory

This is a build of the current sources on sun-lamp as of 
April 17 19:21 EST

The Checksums are in snapshot.950417.CKSUMS

   libl, libfl, libpcap did not build
    The libraries present for libfl, libfl , libpcap are from 
    a April 2 sup.

The new fsck, are in this distribution and
have been test and work properly.

About the /usr/share directory
   Since I was not able to  build the /usr/games directory
    due to the lack of Disk space. I have deleted all the manpages
   for the games in this version of /usr/share. So it should be safe
   to install this over an existing /usr/share directory.
   Also since there are no games when I regenerated the whatis database
   I renamed the whatis.db to so that your old one
   would not be overwritten.

   Also note that the location of some of the man pages for certain
   programs have moved around such as tcpdump, it was under cat1 but
   now is under cat8. 

   Additionally, I have left a few documents that are not in the strict
   snapshot of NetBSD these are:
   /usr/share/doc/ps1 - 
     Because of this please make sure you have enough DISK space to install
     this share.tar.gz!   

This distribution does NOT contain the des code.

Any questions suggestions/flames goto