Subject: Re: binpatch symbols to fix SCSI lockups
To: Dmitri Baughman <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/16/1995 10:36:25
On Apr 13, 11:44pm, Dmitri Baughman wrote:
> I'm going to be working with a new kernel, but need to binpatch the SCSI 
> flags which deal with DMA and re-selection.  Can someone refresh my memory as 
> to what their names are?  Thanks!

  For 33C93 based adapters:
	_sbic_no_dma set non-zero will disable DMA transfers.

  The 53C710 driver always does DMA;  _siop_no_dma actually means to not
use interrupts on the SCSI command.  The 5380 driver doesn't do any DMA
period, but some drivers will use "psuedo-DMA", which can be disabled by
changing _sci_no_dma.

  The 33C93 and 5380 drivers do not support disconnect, so there isn't
anything to control re-selection.


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