Subject: Re: Problems with A530 and -current
To: Jeffrey Ray Thieleke <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/16/1995 10:31:04
On Apr 15,  8:03pm, Jeffrey Ray Thieleke wrote:
> probe(gtsc0:1:0): non-media hardware failure, data = 00 00 00 00 43 00 00 
> 00 00 00
> gtsc0 targ 1 lun 0: (QUANTUM, ELS170S, 4.07) SCSI2 0/direct fixed
> sd1 at scsibus0: 163 MB, 1536 cyl, 4 head, 54 sec, 512 bytes/sec
> * The biggest difference between 1.0 and -current's startup diagnostics is 
>   the "gtsc0: target 0 now synchronous" and "probe(gtsc0:1:0): non-media 
>   hardware failure" parts.  

  I think 1.0 had synchronous transfer disabled by default, but -current
now defaults to enabled.  The "non-media hardware failure" error is
probably coming from the attempt to negotiate synchronous transfers on
sd1.  The error data seems to indicate a "Message Error".  I think I've
seen that once in a while with my GVP adapter, but I'm not sure what
causes it.

> * I don't know if this is due to the "non-media hardware failure" or a 
>   difference between 1.0 and -current, but when I attempted to mount my 
>   AmigaDOS partitions, it fails, giving me a 'read only media' error.

  It's a difference between 1.0 and -current.  The adosfs now checks and
verifies the mount more strictly, and since it's currently a read only
filesystem, it requires that the mount specify the read-only option.  The
1.0 version of mount_ados does not do this, so an updated mount_ados
is required and you have to specify that the mount is read-only.

> * When I reboot (Control-LAmiga-RAmiga), my A530 appears to be locked up. 
>   The drive access light stays on, but nothing happens.  It takes an 
>   actual physical power down to fix things.

  I don't know what might be causing this.  One possibility might be that
the disk driver is still doing synchronous transfers, but the GVP driver
isn't.  The Amiga reset should be doing a reset on the SCSI bus, which
should be causing the drive to reset and do asynchronous transfers.

> I wonder if the problem is due to -current trying to set sd0 to be 
> accesses synchronously.  Both the sd0 and sd1 have the sync option turned 
> off in their RDB, but -current still says that "target 0 now synchronous".

  NetBSD doesn't look at the synchronous transfer option in the RDB
[perhaps it should?].

> Perhaps my A530 SCSI controller can not operate synchronously, and when 
> it is set to do so, it locks up (although this only happens on reboot).

  If you can access sd0 ("dd if=/dev/rsd0c if=/dev/null count=100"),
then the NetBSD driver should be doing synchronous transfers.  If the
drive does not get a SCSI bus reset when the Amiga is reset, that might
cause problems, because the GVP driver would be trying to do asynchronous
transfers while the drive was still doing synchronous.

> Is there some why to make -current access the drives only asynchronously, 
> or does someone know what my lockup problem could be?

  Binpatch _sbic_inhibit_sync to a non-zero value (or change the source
in sbic.c).  That will disable the negotation for synchronous transfers.


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