Subject: Re: ncurses
To: Bernd Ernesti <>
From: Chris A. Mattingly <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/13/1995 13:26:30
On Apr 13,  7:04pm, Bernd Ernesti wrote:
> Subject: Re: ncurses
> [sorry for the dupe that comes later]
> > Why can't anyone understand this?!?!??!??!?!
> >
> > 1.8.6 will not work on NetBSD-Amiga (and if it has, someone better speak
> > up and post some patches).
> Mmmh, 1.8.6 works better then 1.8.5 on my system and it is for NetBSD-Amiga,
> but I changed the Makefile so that it makes an sharedlibrary and maybe this
> is the fix.

Then why for the past 2 weeks have you not said anything on the list
(read: in public) about having a working version of ncurses when at least 5
people have been asking for it?

> > is the _latest_ version that _works_ on NetBSD.
> Please cool down :)
> Bernd
>-- End of excerpt from Bernd Ernesti

No where did I say to get the latest version.  I simply pointed out
that is the version that works for me, without a flaw, and that
is the one I shall stick with.

Long day...


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