Subject: Re: Extremely Unstable NetBSD 1.0/X11R6
To: Jason Brittain <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/10/1995 15:06:28
> When it crashes, almost every time, this 
> is what happens:
> It is accessing the hard drive, and locks completely up with the hard drive
> light stuck on.  Sometimes one of my xterms seems to be responding to input
> but I can't execute commands since that needs to access the hard drive.  If 
> I try, it completely freezes.  Sometimes I also see activity on my serial 
> ports by my modem lights, but it ends about 10 seconds later when that also
> finally locks up.

Sounds like an SCSI problem.  Wrong termination, incompatible drive(s)
or something like that.  Haven't seen this on my system since I got rid
of the ibm spitfire and started using Quantum drives only.

My A3000 was up for 65 days in row, having about 20-25 users logging on
every day.  Then it locked up without any reason while there were no users
logged on the system.  There is a bug somewhere in the kernel and I wish
some guru (hey you German guys, this means someone else but me! ;-) took
the time to locate and fix it.

High system load doesn't seem to crash the system, at least not mine.