Subject: GCC 2.6.3
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Arthur Hoffmann <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/09/1995 16:33:21
I just build gcc2.6.3 and it all went well (I applied a patch to it
that was sent by Scott Reynolds). 
Now I tried to compile the kernel with it and had some problems.
I changed the cpp line in the Makefile.amiga to point to the new cpp
and I changed cc to gcc so that the new compiler was being used.

Cpp doesn't seem to handle #ifdef (or was it ifndef, I'm not currently
on my machine). 
Also when all the files are being linked together at the end into the
netbsd file then lots of undefinded symbols appear mainly memcpy.

Also I tried to compile libg++2.6.2 with the new compiler, but this
failed as well. First of all I had to include the <sys/types.h>
somewhere in order to have quad_t and some int64_t (I think) to be
defined. The file Fix.h has some ambigious references in it. Also a
curses file doesn't compile because some _begx(y) and _max(y) are not
defined (I got around this one by changing them to begx(y) and max(y).

If needed I can get the exact error messages.

Does anyone have any hints about what might fix those problems?
Btw. the OS is netbsd1.0A.


Arthur Hoffmann