Subject: Re: NCurses
To: None <>
From: Chris A. Mattingly <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/06/1995 17:31:18
> Has anyone been able to compile NCurses AND get it to work very well?
> [NCurses is a replacement for the regular BSD curses.  It offers many new 
>  features, but it mainly adds things like underlining and other "fancy" 
>  text display options]
> I am trying to compile the latest beta version of the WWW browser Lynx
> (Lynx 2-3-FM/2.3.9 : light years beyond the usual 2.3 version) to
> NetBSD-Amiga, and I want to link it with the ncurses library, because it
> makes Lynx look *much* better. 
> I was able to compile ncurses with some minor fiddling (possibly the
> source of my problems...), but it doesn't really work very well.  For
> example, with Lynx 2-3-FM, most of the text appears correctly, but some
> text that should be at the bottom on the screen appears at the top, and
> yet other text disappears all together.  Turning off the OPT=MVCUR option
> helped, but it doesn't totally fix the problem.  I know at least some of
> the problem lies with ncurses, because even some of the test programs 
> included with ncurses don't work very well, while others seem to display 
> perfectly.
> Could some or all of the problem lie with the NetBSD terminal?  Since my 
> machine isn't net connected, I can't test it with another terminal.  So I'm
> not sure whether the problems are with ncurses, NetBSD, or both.

I've compiled a very well working version of ncurses and have used it w/ both
lynx and ncftp 2.0.2.

Mail me if you want more details...


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