Subject: NCurses
To: None <amiga@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/06/1995 11:44:13
Has anyone been able to compile NCurses AND get it to work very well?

[NCurses is a replacement for the regular BSD curses.  It offers many new 
 features, but it mainly adds things like underlining and other "fancy" 
 text display options]

I am trying to compile the latest beta version of the WWW browser Lynx
(Lynx 2-3-FM/2.3.9 : light years beyond the usual 2.3 version) to
NetBSD-Amiga, and I want to link it with the ncurses library, because it
makes Lynx look *much* better. 

I was able to compile ncurses with some minor fiddling (possibly the
source of my problems...), but it doesn't really work very well.  For
example, with Lynx 2-3-FM, most of the text appears correctly, but some
text that should be at the bottom on the screen appears at the top, and
yet other text disappears all together.  Turning off the OPT=MVCUR option
helped, but it doesn't totally fix the problem.  I know at least some of
the problem lies with ncurses, because even some of the test programs 
included with ncurses don't work very well, while others seem to display 

Could some or all of the problem lie with the NetBSD terminal?  Since my 
machine isn't net connected, I can't test it with another terminal.  So I'm
not sure whether the problems are with ncurses, NetBSD, or both.

Jeff Thieleke