Subject: Re: building netbsd-1.0 world
To: Bartholomew Niswonger <>
From: Arlo T. Moran <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/03/1995 09:43:05
Hello Mr. Niswonger,

I've had similar problems.  I haven't attempted to rebuild until after I 
had already updated to -current; even now I'm only interested in 
rebuilding the kernel.  There doesn't appear to be a kernel: option in 
the -current Makefile, however.  I have gotten the Make to the point 
where it gets to the /arch/amiga/Makefile; there are only options to make 
tags or links there and I can't figure how to reference the machine 
configs.  If and when you successfully rebuild the kernel, could you be 
kind enough to forward me the procedure?

Arlo T. Moran