Subject: Re: tcsh and nameserver
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Chris A. Mattingly <>
List: amiga
Date: 04/03/1995 07:56:37
> 	Hi,
> if you use tcsh on a host resolving via a nameserver starting tcsh
> will take very long especially if the nameserver is unreachable.
> During the setup of my own nameserver I discovered the reason today:
> tcsh does a nslookup for a host named "" everytime it is started.
> Has anybody an idea WHY? And is it possible to avoid this with a
> recompilation?
> BTW if you run your own nameserver you can avoid the delay by adding
> this record to your nameserver database:
> ..		IN	C	localhost
> -- 
> Matthias Scheler

Since I didn't see anyone else answer this one, here goes:

tcsh 6.05 has the $REMOTEHOST capability.  In order to know where you
are coming from, it must contact a nameserver (unless you have 'bind file host'
in your resolv.conf, and the person coming in is from a host not in your
hosts file).  Now, I would consider it a bug of this version of tcsh to 
still try and contact a nameserver even if you're coming in from 
the console, ttyex, etc... or even ttypx, and using screen.  But, alas,
if you don't want it contacting a nameserver, then all you have to
do is recompile tcsh without REMOTEHOST capabilities.

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